Whiteville, TN

Byler's Puppies For Sale

Byler's Puppies For Sale

Byler's Puppies For SaleByler's Puppies For Sale

About Us

 We are located in Whiteville, TN. We use to have quite a variety of different breeds of dogs but had a sell out and a couple years later we decided we wanted to get Shiba Inu's again, as they were always everyone's favorites. These dogs are all family owned but not all on the same premises, as some of the children that raise them are married. We decided to do a website together, because nobody in the family owns enough dogs by themselves to make it worth  doing a website. I have on top of each litter who to contact about each litter. And if you go to our contact page I have everyone's name and number so you can contact the right person.


We try making sure are puppies are up to date on vaccinations etc. Most of are puppies are sold with AKC papers, but we do also have some APRI puppies. We do NOT include shipping in the price (unless specified) but will ship for an additional $350-$400. The price on shipping depends on the size of the puppy at the time of shipping. We have already drove a couple hours to meet someone with a puppy if your willing to pay the gas. If a puppy is shipped it will have a vet check before leaving. If you aren't located very far from us and prefer taking it to the vet yourself you are given a week to take it to the vet of your choice. We will NOT be held responsible for any accident that happens with the puppy after it leaves the premises. 

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